“Scleroderma, or systemic sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue disease involving the hardening of the skin resulting from the body’s immune system attacking healthy tissue. In the more severe form, it also affects internal organs. The cause is unknown. Scleroderma is generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases.”

Written By Amy Trow

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“After being diagnosed with a fatal disease, Linda was faced with a dire situation. Thankfully, a friend of the family suggested she contact Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj at the Maharaj Institute in South Florida.”

Written By Amy Trow (Niece of Linda)

Maharaj institute of inmmune regenerative medicine- medicine regenerative-Cancer-Blood disorders-chronic inflammatory- autoimmune diseases-environmental exposure-toxins-radiation-Immune dysfunction-chronic infections-wellness-anti inflammatory program-Boynton beach florida



More Testimonials

“My wife completed a six week Stem Cell Mobilization protocol along with also having her stem cells harvested. The entire medical staff was the utmost professional and their ongoing care was nothing short of outstanding. Dr’s Maharaj and Ward were fantastic. They spent many hours discussing the ongoing treatment and answered all questions directed at them in detailed fashion and language that a layman could understand. My wife was suffering from two major diseases and many less serious ailments related to her major diseases and was very close to having a permanent feeding tube installed to assist her with normal eating.. Three months after treatment there has seen significant positive changes in her condition for both her major diseases. Using your own Immune system to assist in dealing with illness and disease certainly is the way to go. I would highly recommend any person with a major disease that is not achieving remission or cure to have a consult with Dr. Maharaj to see if he can help. I predict that Stem Cell Mobilization is the treatment of the future for many debilitating diseases. Thank You Dr. Maharaj for being there for us. You have been a GOD Send!!!!! God Bless You, Your Family and Your Staff.”

Tony DeMello, Retired United States Coast Guard and Dedicated Husband

“Being knowledgeable in cutting edge medical field, this to me is the current peak of advances in the future of medicine, NOW! To collect and store one’s own immune system for later use for whole body organs, tissue and system renewal. Regeneration at a later date is like a miracle in action today. I would highly recommend it to everyone, who will see that the best is yet to come. Join the Stem Cell therapy revolution!”

Justo J. Gonzalez MD

“Immune system is key in our health and quality of life. I believe that this program is the most promising to be able to maintain and prolong our life. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.”

Xochitl Sanchez MD

“I collected my adult stem cells and I am very happy to recommend the Institute and Dr. Maharaj to everyone.”

Lane Deyoe MD

“I learned so much about inflammation. Everyone is caring and professional. My questions were always answered.”

Linda Kendall

“I am very pleased with your staff and the whole process. Ken did a great job. I felt safe and well cared for. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Michelle Villa, PBC Firefighters

“Dr. Maharaj is the real deal when it comes to immune regenerative medicine. He knows the science better than any anyone. Finding ways to harness the power of the immune system to treat – and better yet, prevent – disease has been his life’s work. In addition to helping patients suffering from blood diseases, we are seeing advances in using stem cells to improve the condition of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS patients everyday, and Dr. Maharaj is right there at the forefront of all of it.”

Dr. Raborn

“Having my stem cells harvested was the best decision I have made for the future of my health. It was as easy as taking a nap or watching a movie. BMSCTI was very professional and make the experience a pleasure.”

Dr. Mark Hackbarth, MD

“Had my stem cells harvested now while I am healthy and hopefully I will never need them but they are there in storage in case I do. The staff and Dr. Maharaj explained the procedure and were so professional that I actually looked forward to having the procedure! The advancements in stem cells is amazing so I am glad to have this life saving technique available to me in my time of need. Thanks South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Institute!”

Vicki Sheppard, Retired Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

“I work closely with Dr. Maharaj through my employer, the Palm Beach County Firefighters Employee Benefits Fund. Because firefighters have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancers and other diseases due to the nature of their jobs, stem cell collection and banking through the Institute is included in our benefits program. After being exposed to the Institute, it was a very easy decision for my wife and me to have our stem cells collected and banked. I see it as an insurance policy on our lives. And, in addition to the great success Dr. Maharaj and his staff are having with helping to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and individuals suffering from other debilitating diseases, I believe they are forging the path on the anti-aging front. I would strongly encourage everyone who reads this to not wait another minute to contact the Institute.”

Dr. John Villa, Physician and Medical Director for the Palm Beach County Firefighters

“My name is Linda Beam Parker. I was diagnosed in February of 2010. I was told there was nothing that could stop the progression of the disease, but that I could take drugs to mask the symptoms. I know that with long term use, those very drugs could not only cause problems, but could/would become ineffective. Instead I chose to try adult stem cell treatment in Florida. IT WORKED! Exactly 2 weeks into treatment I woke up feeling great! I felt like myself. Before I had been very “flat” personality wise, with no interest or motivation to do anything. I would be fatigued very easily. This alone was fantastic… I could do little things that we all take for granted like rummaging in my purse with my left hand, pull a towel with both hands to dry my back, walk with a swing in my left hip in a normal way, and swing my left arm more and more in sync with my right side. I have a whole list of improvements, and they are still happening! I don’t want anyone out there to think there is not a treatment. There is. I am still amazed at what has happened, and even more amazed that somehow my pathway led me to this.”

Linda Beam Parker

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