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The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program (ASTEP) was created for education of physicians and healthcare professionals. There is growing need for clinical knowledge of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells and their role in forming blood and the immune system and how they are affected in cancer  and chronic diseases associated with immune dysfunction. This is a rapidly growing field with enormous advances in the last decade. This comprehensive and innovative program was developed by pioneering stem cell expert, Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj, and other highly qualified scientists & physicians practicing in the field of Stem Cells, Cellular and Immunotherapies.

  • The ASTEP course includes a wide array of primary care, specialty and subspecialty topics that were chosen through an assessment of current and future therapeutic applications of Stem Cells, Cellular and Immunotherapies.

  • Courses offered by ASTEP provide physicians and healthcare professionals the unique opportunity to learn more about this evolving field of personalized healthcare including the current advancements in stem cell research being performed by leading stem cell physicians and researchers. ASTEP integrated information, technologies, and skills from stem cell biology, laboratory research, legal, regulatory, and ethical disciplines to cover ground breaking approaches that combat the disease processes of aging and chronic diseases.

Learn more about this new paradigm in medicine to benefit you and your patients.

Advanced Stem Cell Education Program (ASTEP)

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